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  • Adoption Records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Address Histories
  • Property Records
  • Felonies & Misdemeanors
  • Sex Offenders Records
  • Business Licenses
  • Evictions
  • Gun Owner Registry
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  • Phone Records
  • Social Network Profiles
  • Known Aliases
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Access our Entire Archive of our Court Records, which includes state and federal archives. Discreetly use this service to check family members, neighbors, friends or potential dates. The amount and types of records you uncover may just surprise you. Access marriage records, divorce records, arrest records, warrant records, criminal records, court records and much more...

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We help save lives by keeping people safe from possible danger. Court Record Finder identifies criminals and offenders that may be your neighbors, your kid’s friends, coworkers, even family members and it is the only resource that protects you and your family from criminals that seamlessly blend into the regular law abiding society.

Court Record Finder is trusted and used every single day by Private Investigators, Employers, Landlords, Law Enforcement, and many Private Individuals & Parents worldwide.

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Our reports are among the best in the industry with the most accurate, up to date and reliable results. In fact, Court Record Finder guarantees the accuracy of our public records reports.

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NO ONE will ever be notified of your search inquires, so you can search for anyone in confidence knowing that your privacy is very important to us and your searches are always 100% confidential.

In addition, we employ the use of state of the art security measures to insure that all of your personal information is encrypted and will not be available to any third parties.

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Arrest/Warrant Check

If you conduct an arrest/warrant check in someone's name at, you'll be able to access information regarding police records created and maintained in local and state government public databases from across the United States. When an arrest occurs, the responsible law enforcement agency creates a permanent record that includes dates and arrest details, such as a brief offense description and even mug shots. The most notorious criminals are included on state and national Most Wanted lists that are also accessible by our search engines, giving you an instant notification if your search subject is especially dangerous and currently wanted.Warrant records can include arrest warrants, bench warrants and outstanding warrants that have yet to be fulfilled, meaning the person is still wanted by local authorities. Our arrest/warrant check quickly scans multiple online databases of public records regarding these types of issues, allowing you a comprehensive glance at their current legal situation and disposition.

Criminal Background Check

Our official criminal background check contains over 10 million Arrest, Felonies, Misdemeanors, OUIs, DUIs, Sex Offender/Predators and covers all 50 US States, compiling data using FEDERAL, STATE and COUNTY Criminal Databases.

Our reports are among the best in the industry with the most accurate, up to date and reliable result that offer all you ever wanted to know about anyone's past criminal history.

Details contained in a criminal background check will not only outline the crimes a person has been arrested or convicted of, but also whether it is a felony or misdemeanor. Criminal driving infractions are also connected to any other criminal details in the offender's past, even though a different court will typically hear these cases. Information regarding sex offenders is also maintained electronically, allowing for the most updated location for that person to be accessed by our system. Because of this, is able to collect all of the public information in these criminal records instantaneously, allowing you to quickly and efficiently view any criminal information contained in someone's past.

Marriage/Divorce Records

Marriage and divorce records are sometimes considered part of the vital records family, and are considered court records in most parts of the United States. Specific information available in these records includes filing dates for a divorce or marriage license, locations of the marriage or where the divorce was granted, and any possible connected court records. Both parties are named in a marriage or divorce record, as well as dates of birth (DOBs) and their marital status at the time of filing. Any time a marriage license is granted, the local authorities (typically a recorder) must authorize the union, creating a permanent and public record of the event. Similarly, divorce records include information surrounding any hearings connected to the division of property, child custody and other separation issues that are recorded by the respective court.
A marriage or divorce records search with is ideal when you need more information regarding the marital history of a person and aren't sure where the records are held or how many marriages or divorces may be in their past. Our search engines quickly scan all publicly available records from multiple jurisdictions that are recorded electronically, allowing you to include as many locations in your search as possible.

Vital Records

The most commonly searched vital records include birth records and death records. It's considered to be vital because it marks the beginning or the end of a recorded life in the United States. Birth records and/or the death index provide the opportunity to learn more about a person's origins or death, which is essential when conducting genealogical research. For example,'s search engine quickly accesses the public information found in electronic records created by health departments and coroners, such as dates of death or birth, locations where it took place, name of the individual(s), date of birth (DOB) and date of death (DOD). Your search results will then allow you to further investigate someone's birth or passing, giving the specific location and responsible government office that can aid in your pursuit.

People Lookup Report

When you need to find a person,'s people lookup report can provide vital information such as phone numbers, email addresses, current address and address history to aid in your search. Each time a person moves to a new location, public forms such as change of address are filed with the local post office and reported to our databases of information. Phone companies also maintain current information about their customers publicly, including addresses and current phone numbers. In addition, other sources of information such as public social network profiles and opt-in cell phone and email databases can offer details such as email addresses and contact information. If you are unsure of how to find your lost loved one or friend, our search engine has the capability of providing a comprehensive search of all of these sources, providing an all-inclusive result to aid in your search with a people lookup report.

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  • Court Records
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  • Bankruptcy Records
  • Birth Records
  • Obituaries
  • Death Records
  • Corporate Filings
  • Inmate Records
  • Business Information
  • Vital records
  • Ancestry Archives
  • Arrest Records
  • Bankruptcies
  • Birth Records
  • Correctional Files
  • Courthouses
  • Incarceration Arrests
  • Judgment Files
  • Lien records
  • Old Marriage Records
  • Military records
  • Missing people
  • Naturalization Records
  • Sentencing Files
  • Sex Offenders

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