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  • Arrests and Warrants When an arrest occurs, the responsible law enforcement agency creates a permanent record that includes dates and arrest details, such as offense description and mug shots. By using, you'll be able to access police arrest record information created and maintained in local and state government public databases from across the United States.
  • Felonies & Misdemeanor Records Your Court Records Report will contain an individual’s criminal history record (when available). The report will outline the felony and misdemeanor crimes a person may have been convicted of committing. Report details include, offence type, pleas, court dispositions, dates and any possible incarceration related details. You will also be able to access possible probation related information.
  • Bankruptcies & Tax Liens A full Court Records Report will uncover past bankruptcies filings, dispositions, and tax liens. The records may include filing and court dates, names, fines and outstanding dues.
  • Small Claims If the person you are searching for is involved in any type of small claims litigation your report may include case-specific details, not limited to: names of all parties involved, fines, money owed, court dates and dispositions.
  • Probate Court Records
    If you are looking for information related to probate court proceeding the Court Record Report may help you access such probate court details as the names of all parties involved, estate details, party claims, properties & estimated assets, court disposition, court dates and more…
  • Driving Record Court Cases Whether the driving infraction is related to a simple traffic infraction or a criminal driving violation your report will piece together various public record information to give you a comprehensive understanding of almost anyone’s driving history. Reports will include details on almost any driving related violations such as driving under the influence, criminal speeding and various other driving related offences.
  • Marriage & Divorce Court Records Marriage & Divorce record information includes filing dates for a divorce or marriage license, locations of the marriage or where the divorce was granted, and any possible connected court records. Both parties are named in a marriage or divorce record, as well as dates of birth (DOBs) and their marital status at the time of filing. Any time a marriage license is granted, the local authorities (typically a recorder) must authorize the union, creating a permanent and public record of the event. Similarly, divorce records include information surrounding any hearings connected to the division of property, child custody and other separation issues that are recorded by the respective court.

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