How it works?

Generating your report is fast and easy. Please follow the steps below to sort through your preliminary search results and access your report:


Start Searching - Visit website and enter your search subjects First Name, Last Name and State of residence into the search fields at the top of the page. You may also fill in the City field, however it is not required and in some cases we may be able to find more results when the "City" field is left blank.


Review Search Match List - Once you submit your search form and we are done searching our preliminary database for your desired individual you will be directed to a results page which will display preliminary results and various report access options. Please kindly note that results will vary per search. In cases where the search generates over 100 record matches we strongly urge you to fine-tune your match by simply clicking on the "Total Results Found" link and locating your desired record match. You may access your full report and specific details about your search subject by selecting from the various options listed on this page.


Select Your Report Access Option - If you are not currently registered as a member, you will be directed to the to the Report Access Page. To view full results you will need to select from one of the various report access options listed on this page. If you are already a registered member you will be able to view your full reports simply by logging into your members page.


Register - After the successful completion of the register process, your member account login will be auto generated and displayed on the "Thank You" page. Prior to clicking on the "Continue To View Report" button please be sure to save your login information as it is displayed on the "Thank You" page for future reference. You should now be able to access our Member's Area and view, download or print your desired report. Please be aware based on the access option you have selected in the previous step your access level to reports and other services will vary.

If by any chance you encounter any issues while navigating our Member's area please be sure to contact our support team and we will do our best to help you find exactly what you are looking for. For the most prompt customer assistance visit the Member's Support.